Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Youngster Mitchell Weiser from the German football

Youngster Mitchell Weiser from the German football giants Bayern Munich has asked for the publication of embarrassing self-portraits apologies. In the photo, he and teammate David Alaba can be seen in thongs. ADVERTISEMENT ". I'm young and I'm going to make mistakes to learn from it," wrote the 20-year-old via Twitter: "Well, I concentrate on the important things." Mitchell Weiser and David Alaba followed with the thong recording an Instagram current trend. This is a impressive embarrassing double-Selfie was in front of the mirror ("Sorry, brother, I had to do it," Weiser wrote), which swept the only way through the social networks - until it was canceled on Tuesday.

Old Retro Business Cards

Old Retro Business Cards Alte Retro Visitenkarten

Friday, December 7, 2007

How to take care of tattoos

Proper care for a tattoo so that it will heal like it should and look good.

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Custom Award Winning Designer Tattoos Are All The Rage!

Find out why custom designer tattoos are all the rage these days or come look at a database of over 6000 free tattoo designs.

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Dragon Tattoo Design

There are many different meanings that can be put behind a dragon tattoo, but in terms of the Chinese tattoos this is especially so. For centuries the dragon has been one of the most respected animals in Chinese culture, and a symbol of power and mystery.

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Top 10 Craziest Star Wars Tattoos

Sadly... NSFW. What would be better than showing up to the Christmas dinner table with a hot new Rancor tattoo on your skull? Just in time for the holidays we've put together a list of the top ten craziest Star Wars Tattoos. Fett sacrilege, Holiday Special madness, a Stormtrooper boldly goes where he shouldn't and of course the Jar Jar smack down

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Christmas Tattoos

Stuck for a Christmas present for a loved one or friend but you know they LOVE tattoos? Well... why not get them a tattoo for Christmas? It only makes sense...

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